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Firm Location San Francisco
Primary Contact Fred Flintstone
Primary Contact Phone 415-415-4154

Firm Size

less than 50
Currency USD
Number of Offices 2

Office Locations

San Francisco, New York
Versions - Live 12
Version - Test 14
Team Size 3
Database Server MSSQL
Server OS Windows 2000
Server Hardware Acme Turbo 5000
Server Memory 1GB
Network Windows NT4
Desktop OS Windows 2000
Vendors Used for Electronic Formats
Module Contact Phone Level
Billing Barney Rubble 415-123-0000 Novice
Collections Fred Flintstone 415-415-4154 Intermediate
Third Party Software
Software: Version Use Contact Phone Level
iManage 6.05 document mgmt Barney Rubble 415-123-0000 Intermediate
Outlook 2000 email Wilma Flintstone 415-415-0101 Expert