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Questions/Open issues


1. For "Modules" and "Third Party Software" fields, besides the name/versions, there's also a contact. Will this contact be a user that's already set up with a web crossing user account? If so, we can query the web crossing database over the network to look up users for these fields (assuming they'll have name/phone/expertise already listed in the web crossing db).

2. Define fields that can be updated in the admin area. Note that anytime a field is modified, added or deleted, it will effect existing record. I think this will only really cause a problem if a field value is deleted -- how do we deal with this possibility, or do we prevent it?

3. Are there any reports or functions that should go into the admin area? (list users, etc.)

4. For third party software, does a specific software package have a specific "use?" or can one third party software package have more than one "use?"